FSSAI Certification

Food Safety Standad Authority Of India

FSSAI Certification Application Process

FSSAI certificate or license is a mandatory government agency issued document required for the conduction of all food-related businesses in the country. The 14-digit registration number or food license number is allotted to successful applicants involved in food products manufacturing trading and retailing; restaurants and small eateries; produce farms and dairy products processers, etc.

How can we help?

We support the FSSAI certificate application process, which can take up to 30-50 days to process by the state and central FSSAI agencies. The documents required are:

  • FSSAI Form B – filled and signed
  • Identity proof of the Food Business Operator (FBO)
  • Proof of possession of premises - Electricity Bill, Rent Agreement
  • Certificate of Incorporation, Partnership Deed, or other documents
  • Complete List of food products dealing in
  • Firm’s Food safety management system plan (FSMS Plan)
  • Other Documents as per requirement